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    应冶金学院王聪教授邀请,东京大学Hiroyuki Matsuura副教授于2019年12月27日-31日来我校进行学术交流并做学术报告,欢迎广大师生踊跃参加。

报告题目Physical Chemistry of Nutrient Dissolution from Steelmaking Slag into Various Aqueous Solutions

 报人:Hiroyuki Matsuura

: 1230 (星期一)下午: 14:00-16:00


    报告人简介:Dr. Hiroyuki MATSUURA, currently Associate Professor in Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo since October 2016.He received Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo in 2006, followed by working experiences as a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor and Lecturer at The University of Tokyo. He has been working on physical chemistry related to steelmaking process as well as non-ferrous pyrometallurgy. Major achievements are as follows;

1) evolution mechanisms of non-metallic inclusion during steel refining process as well as thermomechanical treatment process,

2) physical chemistry of dephosphorization reaction with the application of highly basic CaO-FeO-SiO2-based slag,

3) reaction kinetics between CO-CO2 gas and molten slag by applying isotope exchange technique,

4) recovery of phosphorus and iron from steelmaking slag through pyrometallurgical reduction process, and

5) development of novel recycling process of zinc from electric arc furnace dust.

    摘 Steelmaking slag is one of the main by-products generated from steelmaking process. It has been utilized for many purposes so far; e.g., the raw material of road bed, various civil engineering, fertilizer, and so on. However, it is predicted that competition against various by-products or waste materials generated from other manufacturing sectors becomes severe in future and thus the increase in consumption of steelmaking slag in such fields is not expected. Development of innovative new methods to utilize steelmaking slag considered as ‘a stably available Japanese domestic resource’ has been required.

Recently, the deterioration of ocean environment has become a critical issue in Japan. It causes the decrease of fishing catch and degradation of seawater quality. It is well known that lack of micronutrient elements, especially iron ion in seawater, should be solved to improve the ocean environment. The application of steelmaking slag as a source material to supply nutrient elements at coast has been tested in several Japanese seacoasts and the positive effects on the improvement of ocean environment have been confirmed phenomenologically.

In the present study, the dissolution behavior of major elements in steelmaking slag into seawater or freshwater was observed, and the reaction mechanisms were discussed. Especially the effect of organic acid addition on the enhanced dissolution of elements from steelmaking slag was measured and the dissolution mechanisms were discussed by applying the formation reactions of metal chelates in solution. The present study contributes firstly understanding of dissolution phenomena of steelmaking slag and humic substance composite, and secondly providing guidelines for the design of such composite to maximize the positive function of steelmaking slag as a nutrient supplier.

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